Do you ever ask yourself… What am I looking for in life? What is the meaning of my life? How can I be a better person? What can I do about the loneliness I feel? How can I come to know God’s love? How can I know the right path God has in store for me? If you are asking these questions, or questions like them, the Catholic way of life awaits you.  For centuries, people have turned to the Church to find the answers to the deepest and hardest questions of everyday life.   Are you interested in finding out more about how to become a Catholic? Sessions are held most Fridays from 6-8 p.m.. This first session is August 11 in the parish hall.  Please give us a call if you have questions, would like further information, or need directions, at 954-726-1237 or email at stmalachyrcia@outlook.com.